How to Supplement Keto Shakes into Your Diet

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On a keto diet you consume 70% of your daily calories from fat, 25% from protein, and just 5% from carbs. When starved of glucose (sugar), this macronutrient split essentially causes your body to turn fat cells into a source of energy called ketones which then leads to a number of health benefits including weight loss, increased energy and better mental clarity. However, to achieve all the above, the right macronutrient split is essential as if too many carbs are consumed, blood sugar is produced which stops the production of ketones and stalls progress.

So how do you stick to only having 5% of your diet from carbs, while reaching daily fat/protein goals? 

We understand life can be hectic which can often leave little time to prepare food and cause a headache to ensure you’re eating the right amount of fats, proteins and carbs required on keto. We get it. It’s hard. However, we have a simple solution to help you stick to the plan and reach your goals –keto shake supplements! Simplicity and consistency are key, therefore having something as convenient and delicious as a keto shake makes life a whole lot easier, especially when trying to stay on track.

There’s no wonder having something like a keto shake available has revolutionized the way people ‘snack’ as they help to kill cravings, stay satisfied for longer and energized throughout the day, especially when on the go. Here’s everything you need to know about supplementing keto shakes into your diet.

The Benefits of Consuming Keto Shakes on a Keto Diet

Aside from the deliciousness of keto shakes, they offer several advantages, from benefits to your overall health thanks to the number of wholesome ingredients they’re made with, to the convenience. Here are just some of the reasons why you need to be including keto shakes in your diet:

They’re delicious!

Seriously, who doesn’t love a wholesome, delicious chocolatey sweet drink when they’re thirsty, in need of an energy boost or in a rush? A good shake with high-quality ingredients can provide that incredible flavor you need. Whether having one as a protein snack when working in the office, or as a sweet dessert, they’re always something to look forward to during the day!

Cuts the cravings

Cravings often kick in when we’re feeling tired, stressed or anxious and carbohydrates help to boost our levels of serotonin (the happy hormone) to calm our mood, however on a keto diet you already know carbs aren’t something you can fall back on, therefore a healthy low-carb alternative may be needed.

With a keto shake you can say goodbye to carb and sugar cravings and hello to increased energy, satiety and happy hormones. Keto shakes allow you to indulge in a sweet drink full of healthy sugar alternatives whenever, wherever!

No more guilt

Give into your cravings without the guilt? It’s almost too good to be true! There’s no reason to feel guilty for enjoying a delicious shake. With your Keto goals in mind, this is a perfect supplement to add to your diet and stay on track.

Have a Keto Shake anywhere!

Whether you’re rushing to the gym, office or to meet a friend, finding time to prep meals can be challenging while sourcing snacks with low carbs can be difficult too. However, with keto shakes you can easily get up and go with a delicious low-carb snack at hand. If you’re out and about, powder should be stored in a dry place at room temperature however if it’s been mixed and made, ensure it's refrigerated and consumed within 72 hours. An unrefrigerated homemade shake can safely last 2 hours.

Choose your portion size

When serving a shake, you can easily customize your portion sizes, by either adding less or more powder, to meet your macronutrient goals and depending on your calorie requirements. Don’t be shy to load up your shake if you need it or hold back if you don’t fancy as much.

Try out tasty Keto Shake recipes

Keto shakes can be used to make a number of tasty recipes including keto smoothies, keto pancakes and so much more. Discover these healthy recipes where you can use your keto shakes to create low-carb alternatives of your favorite foods.


Keto shakes are packed with nutrients and with the convenience of accessibility to make them, it’s so easy to implement them into your diet. With plenty of protein and minimal carbs, following the keto diet has never been easier!

When to Have Your Keto Shake

These shakes make for a great addition to a Keto diet and can be easily supplemented at any time of the day. Whether you’re an office worker, an exercise junky or always on the go, here’s how to supplement your keto shake into your diet.

Pre/Post Workout

For those looking for the perfect hit of nutrition pre or post-workout, this can fit in excellently with your schedule. If you’re looking to have a pre-workout shake, this is best done 1-3 hours before and 1-2 hours after your sessions as a post-workout snack. Timing your nutrition with your exercise has several benefits to not only your performance but also your results.

Plus, if you’re just starting out on a keto diet, not having enough carbs can leave you drained however, with a keto shake you can get the energy boost you need to get the most out of your workout thanks to the 
healthy ingredients including whey protein isolate, coconut creamer, healthy sweater alternatives and nut butters.

On-the-go Keto Shake

Perhaps you have less time to prepare due to a busy schedule with work or other priorities? These shakes are perfect if you’re in a hurry and need a quick nutritional boost to get you through the day.

Have your Keto Shake as a snack

Whether you’re working from home, in an office or just fancy a snack, Keto shakes have you covered. Snacking whilst on keto doesn’t have to be linked with unhealthy eating habits, in fact it can prove largely beneficial if consuming the right foods.

As important as a good diet is, shakes also provide hydration which is vital to your body’s ability to perform at a consistent standard from day to day.

Bake with your Keto Shake!

There’s no need to feel limited to just a shake. If you’re interested in baking, then this might just be the perfect fit. Different shake powder can provide different flavors for your favorite foods such as cakes and pancakes.

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