How are No Sugar Company snacks keto-friendly?

Each No Sugar Company snack has high amounts of good-for-you fats, low net carbs and no sugar. No Sugar Keto Bars have 2-3 grams net carbs, No Sugar Keto Bombs/ Cups have 1 gram net carbs, and No Sugar Keto Nut Bars/ Clusters have 2 grams net carbs. No Sugar Company snacks are made with no sugar and therefore have 0 grams of sugar.  

What’s the keto make-up of the bars?

Each bar has 13 grams of good-for-you fats, 9 grams of high-quality protein, 0 grams of sugar, and only 3 net grams of carbs, helping you hit your keto carb targets and maintain ketosis.

What ingredients are used in your products? 

We use only high-quality ingredients including premium nut butters, fava bean protein, brown rice protein and stevia extract. Our chocolate is custom-made and responsibly sourced. We don’t use fillers or additives. Plus, we use a good-for-you fats blend that includes coconut oil, and cocoa butter with our nut butters to reach your keto macros and give you an energy boost! 

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Are No Sugar Company products gluten free?

Yes. Our bars are gluten-free. Shop our no sugar gluten free range here.

Where do the proteins in your bars come from?

Our bars are made up of 20% high-quality proteins, including Fava Bean Protein Isolate and Rice Protein. 

If there is no sugar, what is used to sweeten your products?

Our products are made using ingredients that already have lots of flavor such as almond butter, rich dark cocoa powder, and peanut butter to name a few. To bring out the taste of our ingredients and sweeten our products we use a combination of stevia extract and erythritol. These two ingredients are a delicious zero calorie sweetener combination that won't raise your blood sugar.

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What are good-for-you fats?

No Sugar Keto Bars are made up of 13 grams of good-for-you fats – that’s 75% of the bar’s calorie makeup. We use a blend of good-for-you fats including: peanut butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, sunflower lecithin, almond butter.

What’s unique about No Sugar Company?

Everything! Too many products on the market are full of things we don’t need – sugar and unhealthy carbs. That’s why we’ve created No Sugar Company. You don’t have to be on the keto diet to enjoy one of our products. They taste great, contain good-for-you fats, and have no sugar – great for anyone!  

The packaging says “keep me cool”, why?

Our bars are made with premium good-for-you fats, which melt easily in warmer temperatures.  So it is best to keep at ambient temperature or in fridge if they deliver a bit soft to your home.

What is the shelf-life of your products?

Every No Sugar Company box has an expiry date listed. We recommend storing your No Sugar Company products in a cool, dry place to maximize the shelf life.

What is the difference between total carbs and net carbs?

Total carbohydrates are the amount of carbohydrates within the product. Net carbohydrates are the carbohydrates your body digests and turns into glucose. To calculate net carbohydrates we subtract the amount of fiber from the total carb count.

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Are No Sugar Company products safe for diabetics?

Yes, No Sugar Company products are safe for diabetics! No Sugar Company products are great for a low-carb diet or people looking to track the number of net carbohydrates they consume.

How come your products say dairy-free if they’re made in a facility that contains wheat and dairy?

While our products are made in a facility that also process wheat and dairy our manufacturer thoroughly sanitizes and cleans their equipment between runs. They swab their equipment for allergens during changeovers and if any are detected they re-clean the equipment. Our facility also has an Allergen Control Program in place to prevent cross contamination. In addition to these steps, the No Sugar Company tests its finished products at an independent lab for gluten (gliaden) and dairy. We don't release product that tests over 20ppm for gluten. Although we do take all these steps to prevent allergens from entering into our supply chain we think it is a good idea to be transparent and let people interested in our products know that they are processed in a facility that processes gluten and dairy.

Are No Sugar Company Products safe for children?

Yes they are safe for children! As with adults, we recommend consuming our products with a balanced diet, and with moderation.

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