No Sugar, I am sweet enough!

We believe that refined sugar is bad for you and should be left out of most foods — plain and simple. This is why we want to be the first company committed to having no sugar in any of our products! No Sugar Company was the first to make a delicious no sugar keto bar, and we are committed to continually creating revolutionary no sugar products. We believe that a healthy lifestyle is the key to a happy life, and No Sugar Company is here to support those looking to take control of their diet.

All No Sugar Company products are made with 0g of sugar, high-quality and responsibly sourced ingredients, with no additives or fillers.

How much sugar we've eliminated...


grams of sugar!

Why no Sugar?

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More Energy

Cutting out added sugar and replacing it with slow-digesting protein helps balance energy levels and provides you with a natural energy boost.

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More Focus

When the body crashes from a sugar high it rapidly changes mood levels, so by cutting out sugar, you are keeping a constant, levelled mood at all times.

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Better Brain Health

Studies show that brain function can be impaired and cause symptoms of depression when exposed to a diet of refined sugars.

Our Values

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We believe in being transparent with our community, letting you know exactly what you're putting into your body.

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We’ve painstakingly searched the world for the highest-quality, sustainably-sourced ingredients on the planet.

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We’re humans too and are always looking for ways to improve our products, service and our company.

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We are focused on creating innovative products that contain no sugar, are good for you and taste absolutely delicious.

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Crushing Your Sugar Cravings

We are committed to help you crush your sugar cravings by providing you awesome products that squash your sweet tooth and contain no sugar.

1 million customers say NO to sugar

July 2018

No Sugar Company Launches

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No Sugar Company is introduced to 6.5 million Canadians through The Shopping Channel


2019 No Sugar Company is introduced to over 110 million Americans through The Home Shopping Network

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No Sugar Company launches in Costco, Walmart and most other major food stores across North America


1 million customers say NO to sugar

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No Sugar Co. expands worldwide into the UK, Iceland, Spain, France, China, etc.


Joyburst Energy Drinks launch.



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Joyburst SuperBowl commercial airs. Joyburst Vanilla Ice partnership launches. No Sugar Day is officially recognized as an official National Day on October 3rd. No Sugar Company products are now sold in Spain, France, Mexico, Canada, USA, Iceland, Australia, UAE, Japan, China, UK, Costa Rica, Caribbean, and Jordan.

A Note from Our Founder & CEO

Brad Woodgate

In late 2018 No Sugar Company was launched with the goal of helping people live a healthier lifestyle. After countless attempts to create the perfect no sugar snack, we finally landed on the taste and texture you enjoy today. Thanks to our wonderful no sugar community, No Sugar Company has quickly become one of the fastest growing food companies in North America.

Since our launch we’ve had customers from all walks of life reach out to tell us their story - diabetics, cancer survivors, parents and those looking to take control of their diet. Because of you I have found my “why.” Thank you for following, for your support and for being part of this no sugar journey.

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Brad Woodgate
Founder and CEO of No Sugar Company

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