How to Get Started

We are in a refined sugar crisis.
But you can be part of The Solution.

October 3rd is National No Sugar Day as recognized by National Day Archives. During the month of October, No Sugar Company pledges to reduce 10 million grams of refined sugar in support of the Heart and Stroke Foundation/American Heart Association.


The health effects of refined sugar can be long-lasting and damaging. However, that hasn't stopped the food industry from filling their products with refined sugar. Together we can raise awareness of North America's refined sugar problem. Join us in saying #ItsANoForMe on #NationalNoSugarDay.

The average adult consumes 2-3x more sugar than recommended.

84 billion pounds of sugar are consumed annually in the U.S.

Excess sugar consumption is associated with heart disease.

We've decided to raise funds to donate to the Heart and Stroke Foundation and American Heart Association, in honour of those who've fallen victim to the sugar trap.

66% of 40,000 packaged food products in Canada contained at least one added sugar.

Kids consume 8x more sugar than recommended.

The True Cost of Refined Sugar

Tooth Decay | Excess Calorie Consumption | Type 2 Diabetes | Some Forms of Cancer | Cardiovascular Disease | Mood Disorders | Addiction | Inflammation | Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) | Obesity

"I started developing a weight problem and then it only gets worse with age. And now that I'm in my 50s, it has become a real issue with my weight to deal with processed foods, chocolates, candies, and of course soda. ...Refined sugar is a killer and the longer you keep ingesting it, it becomes a real health issue."
- Jim

"I believe refined sugar is a poison, I believe it triggers us and that it's one of the most unhealthy substances we can put in our bodies."
- Brooks

"Refined sugar affected me from childhood. I started getting cavities when I was 12 years old. From there, I didn't stop eating sugar. I just kept eating candy, cookies, cakes, soda, anything sweet. I started getting tooth decay and it started changing my teeth, from white to brown from brown to black. Sugar wrecked my life."
- Ronda

"The effects of refined sugar for me were extreme fatigue, and a relapse in Multiple Sclerosis... You have to be mindful of what you're putting into your body because it's killing you."
- Kaneez

"I am a victim of type 2 childhood diabetes from refined sugar."
- Averi

"I would have horrible, debilitating migraines...I was also having hormonal issues causing insane mood swings."
- Maria

Benefits of Reducing Your Sugar Intake

More Energy

Cutting out added sugar and replacing it with slow-digesting protein helps balance energy levels and provides you with a natural energy boost.

Brain Health

Studies show that brain function can be impaired and can cause symptoms of depression when exposed to a diet of refined sugars.

More Focus

When the body crashes from a sugar high, it rapidly changes mood levels. By cutting out sugar, you are keeping a constant, leveled mood at all times.

Cardiovascular Health

Too much sugar can be one of the greatest threats to cardiovascular disease.

Better Sleep

When our blood sugars are in balance, our hormones allow us to establish healthier sleep patterns including staying asleep with fewer interruptions.