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Joyburst Energy Drink Lime - 12 pack

Transport your taste buds to warm weather and the smooth winds of the Caribbean with this sweet and sour no sugar energy drink. Our Joyburst Lime comes packed with natural flavors and sparkling water to keep you refreshed and fuelled all day! All our flavors are naturally caffeinated with green tea extract, providing natural energy. Take a sip and you’ll see why this delicious drink is always in the limelight.

  • 0 calories
  • 0g of sugar
  • 0g of carbs
  • Naturally Caffeinated (sourced from green tea)
  • Plant-based ingredients

Joyburst is perfect for the ketogenic diet or an alternative to coffee! All of our beverages are naturally caffeinated (sourced from green tea).

Ingredients: Sparkling water, Erythritol, Natural caffeine (sourced from green tea), Natural flavors, Citric acid, Sucralose

High Caffeine Content: Contains 200mg of natural caffeine from green tea per can (355mL). Caution: Do not consume more than 4 cans a day. Not recommended for children, pregnant/breastfeeding women and people sensitive to caffeine. Do not mix with alcohol. 

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